Wednesday, October 16, 2013

fall in love with orange

If you can't tell..I'm really excited. So in honor of America's greatest homecoming celebration AND it being my most favorite time of the year, fall...lets "fall in love with orange." ;)

The brisk coolness of this season, seeing the colorful changes in the leaves, and cardigan weather seriously brings my heart so much joy. All I can think about is how I want to go on a hay-bale ride and carve pumpkins...and I don't even like to carve pumpkins. Just the idea of a chilly starry night (the skies proclaim the work of his hands ps 19:1), sittin' on a bale of hay riding through a pasture of pumpkins with friends - I just have to do it.

Onto what's trending this fall.
So earlier today I was scrolling through Harper's Bazaar's Pre-Fall 2013 runway looks and look what's on the runway...ORANGE. The title outside of Netflix's, Orange is the New Black, Orange is actually becoming the new black in this seasons trend.

THIS color, love.
Stella McCartney Pre-Fall 2013
Orange detail.
Vera Wang Pre-Fall 2013
A great orange tone leather handbag.
CĂ©line Pre-Fall 2013
Black is always, always, always a classic look. It's personally one of my favorite statement pieces. But I do love to mix up color and design elements based on how to make color pop, while going about your daily life. 

The most recent solid color top in my collection is.. you guessed it - orange. :)

(I took that picture!) If you follow my facebook page I'm sure you've seen a couple of the new images. This top is seriously so comfortable. When flipping through fabric choices in the design process I saw this color and highlighted the page immediately. I thought this color would be great for this season for many reasons. Why Orange? Here ya go...
  • Orange is in the TOP colors for women’s fashion for fall 2013 in the Pantone color report
  • For all of those football fans out there (including me!)
  • Add a pop color to your wardrobe
  • Pairs great with denim, a classic black pant, or mix-and-match colored patterns
So - get your orange tops to celebrate OSU's homecoming this weekend, add to your game day wardrobe, and be in-style with this flattering top design. 

(that's me! captured by photographer Mary O.)
xo, designer
Amanda Moore

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